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The award ceremony and premiere night of the Iva Natura Cosmetic Short Film Competition, which was organized for the purpose of transferring the value of Anatolian plants in the cosmetics sector to future generations, was took place with broad participation and great enthusiasm on November 29 at Mimar  Sinan Fine Arts University, Cinema and TV Center hall of Sami Şekeroğlu. Şebnem Schaefer and Orhan Bozkurt were the presenters of the ceremony. The nominees were evaluated by the Derviş Zaim, Coşkun Aral, Uğur İçbak, Ozcan Yüksek, Ferhat Kazancı, Müge Boz, Didem Balçın, Prof.Dr. Hüsnü Can Başer, Günnihal Demir, Oya Ayman and Tevfik Başer, the important names of our country.

Mehmet Öztürk received the first prize with his short film “Yayla”, Çağatay Çelikbaş received the second prize with “Saklı Cennet” and Anıl Can Uğuz received the third prize with “Berceste”.  Yiğit Erkol with “Lisinia” film and Durdu Kemal Ulun with his “Şifacı Ana” film were awarded the honorable mention. Evrim İnci with “Mavi Pusula” received the special prize of the jury.

This Iva Natura Cosmetics Short Film Competition with "Anatolian Plants" theme was the first in Turkey and important firms of the environment, chemistry and cosmetics sector and celebrities also participated in the award ceremony.



Iva Natura Cosmetics Short Film Competition Award Ceremony
Applied Cosmetic Workshop in Ataturk University

Our General Manager, Levent Kahraman, gave cosmetic seminar to the students of the Faculty of Pharmacy at Ataturk University. While students were learning about organic cosmetics, they experienced making their own organic creams. The short films, which were awarded at the Iva Natura Cosmetic Short Film Competition, were also shown before the workshop.

Bursa Sanat Mahal Event

Iva Natura Organic Cosmetics team participated in the Mother’s Day Event organized in Bursa Sanat Mahal and supported the event with special products especially mother-infant products. The event was very colorful and cozy. Didem Balçın, one of the jury of the Iva Natura’s social responsibility project "Short Film Competition", was also the owner of Bursa Sanat Mahal and some famous people such as Mert Fırat, Pelin Batu, Hande Doğandemir, Sinan Tuzcu, Onur Dilber, Kahraman Özden were also participated in the event. Our team informed all the participants about Iva Natura and its organic cosmetics products.

“Create Your Organic Cream” Events

As an organic cosmetics firm (Laber Organic) Iva Natura Organic Cosmetics have performed many different activities. "Create Your Own Organic Cream!" became a popular and highly requested event among our customers. We organized 3 events in different places over the years and we have the chance to meet our followers who are interested in organic cosmetics. The first one was in İzmir Korino, the second one was in Burdur Mehmet Akif Ersoy University and the third one was in İzmir Originn.

We informed the participants about organic cosmetics, gave theoretical information and demonstrated how to produce an organic cream and shampoo by showing distillation and oil obtainment. Each participant prepared their own organic cosmetic product. Iva Natura brand ambassador Şebnem Schaefer, officials of different media organizations and some experts of aromatheraphy and sustainable organic life issues participated as guest speakers. At the end of the event, all participants were presented with ceremonies of Iva Natura Academy certificates.

Iva Natura Kaz Mountain (Mount Ida) Trekking

Iva Natura Organic Cosmetics (Laber Organic Cosmetics) organized a trekking event to explore cosmetic and endemic plants in Kaz Mountain in May 2017. It was very pleasant activity with a group of 80 participants. The participants were coming from different sources of our country. They were informed about cosmetic and endemic plants grown in the rich soil of Anatolia by the guides of herbalists Selami Selvi, Nazım Tanrıkulu and Levent Kahrıman. Since participants give favorable feedback about the trekking, we planned to organize this evens every year with different routes.

"The Past, Present and Tomorrow of Cosmetic Industry" Seminar

Levent Kahrıman, General Manager of Iva Natura Organic Cosmetics, evaluated the organic cosmetics industry within historical perspective as the guest of the month at Originn in February 2017 to evaluate the "The Past, Present and Tomorrow of Cosmetic Industry". Participants are obtained detailed information about the production processes of organic cosmetic products. In the seminar, some popular concepts were also discussed. Mr. Kahrıman informed participants on production without testing on animals, vegan products, identification of 100% organic cosmetic products, ingredients used in organic cosmetic products and certification processes of organic cosmetic products, the concept of gluten-free organic cosmetics and innovations in cosmetics.

 Iva Natura Cosmetic Short Film Competition Launch Iva Natura Organic Cosmetics Attracts Attention with Eco-Friendly Projects

Iva Natura Organic Cosmetics launched an important corporate social responsibility project to convey of Anatolian Culture and this cultural value in the cosmetics sector to future generations; to draw attention to eco-friendly agriculture and to emphasize the biodiversity of our country. The short film competition organized within the scope of the project is open to all domestic and foreign, amateur or professional participants by the age of 18. Levent Kahrıman, president of the Organizing Committee of the Short Film Competition and General Manager of Iva Natura Organic Cosmetics, stated that the main themes of the short film competition includes Anatolian plants, the insight of healing, legends and stories in Anatolia. The first short film competition in the field of cosmetics was organized for our country under the name of Iva Natura Cosmetics Short Film Competition. The jury members and the organization team of the competition met in February 2017 with a pleasant event held in Istanbul at Creatölye. In the launch day of the competition which the important names of our country were included as jury, views on the process of competition and information about the competition schedule was shared.

Iva Natura Organic Cosmetic Event
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